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IV Therapy

IV. Therapy

Feeling exhausted, battling a hangover, or simply in a funk? Consider an IV Drip Therapy!
IV therapy aims to restore hydration and supply essential vitamins and nutrients in the most effective manner possible.


Improve your overall health with IV therapy. Replace essential vitamins & minerals to boost immunity, detoxify, & improve energy levels. IV formulations have better absorption than taking oral vitamins.


Myer's Cocktail

IV Therapy that combines vitamins & minerals essential to health & wellbeing. Increase energy, boost immunity, & detoxify today!


Inner Beauty

Designed to bring out radiance & natural glow. This mixture contains vitamins, minerals, & biotin to help fortify your hair, skin, & nails.



Tummy Trouble

Replace lost fluids, vitamins, & minerals while settling your upset stomach with Zofran.



IV fluids to treat dehydration or excessive sun exposure.


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Migraine Relief

Replenish essential vitamins and minerals! Added Toradol for pain and Zofran for nausea


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